BannedStory 3 Download won't work.

Talk about fan made games that you have to download in order to play.
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BannedStory 3 Download won't work.

Post by CyroZentaku » Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:35 pm

Alright. So I have download Adobe Air 1.5.2, did -not- update.

I proceeded to login to the website, and go to this page;

There I clicked the "Download Banned Story" at the bottem.

It opened a new tab, with a blank page, with the following address;

But it did not give me anythign to download. Just a blank, white, page.

Can someone, please, upload it to mediafire or some alternative website? Or perhaps even show me how to get this download working? Btw I've tried it with Google Chrome, Fire Fox, and Internet Explorer. None of them worked. I'd really appreciate some help over here.

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