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Post by seanmick » Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:14 pm

Lol. I was a real d!!k on this forum wasn't I? I sound really dumb on alot of my posts. Heh, "crap up your ip for 20 nanoseconds". Worst insult I've heard, and it came from me (MS1) . Man, it felt good to use a maple face again. Well Guys I play other games now like Battlefield 3 (PC) League of Legends (PC) Maplestory still, 4D1 MW2(PC) Borderlands 2 (thepiratebay, so i use tunngle to play on LAN) I still play halo ce. Well If you want to ever play any of these with me, just PM me on here. I'll check every now and then, or email me at seanyego@hotmail.com

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