Japanese (or other language) songs

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Japanese (or other language) songs

Post by Maple34 » Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:48 pm


Hey guys. I haven't been on here in a while. But for some reason when I was listening to this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f3WSuMgxO8 I was reminded of this place and I came back. I will come on here more now. Sorry about that. I hope another person came back like playa did, didn't playa go away again though? Sorry if I'm talking weird I just read a bunch of weirdly translated Japanese. (skygar9-2) Anyway I thought I would show you the song since I like it a lot, and I have seen aqua and coolkid post lots of foreign songs in the guess the song game in Dracoplasm. I made this topic so you guys can share some songs if you want. I also realized... In a lot of Japanese songs the lyrics are different than they are here in the US. Like, they actually have meaning. I rarely actually listen to songs on the radio/mainstream songs, because, frankly, they have terrible lyrics (talk about stupid/bad/both things). But in Japan, I mean look at the lyrics at the bottom. It's actually talking about something. You know what I mean? I don't know about any other countries though, sadly... Maybe you guys should also say what country/area you live in. That would be cool. Cause I only know what country like two of you guys live in. XD Okay, I'm talking too much. Go on, share some stuff.
But first (sorry XD) These are some bands that I like (that aren't on the radio often or at all)
Sleeping With Sirens (Good lyrics! XD)
And quite honestly I like some of Hilary Duff's older songs but I'm only putting that because I can't think of anything else. A lot of times I just listen to songs, not bands.

Argh all of the songs on the radio talk about such stupid things.. And my realization of that is only escalated since I am a Christian. I don't care as much for possessions, you know? Example, in the song Payphone by Maroon 5. I like the lyrics in that but then the rap in it is completely different.. (I only listen to clean/no rap version) Adam (lead singer) is singing about his love I think [this cake is good that I'm eating] something something I don't remember. Okay, so that's what adam is saying. And then, all of a sudden, this comes in: *EXPLICIT*
[Explicit version verse (Wiz Khalifa):]
Man, fuck that shit
I'll be out spending all this money
While you're sitting round wondering
Why it wasn't you who came up from nothing,
Made it from the bottom
Now when you see me I'm stunning,
And all of my cars start with a push of a button
Telling me the chances I blew up
Or whatever you call it,
Switch the number to my phone
So you never could call it,
Don't need my name on my shirt,
You can tell it I'm ballin.
Swish, what a shame could have got picked
Had a really good game but you missed your last shot
So you talk about who you see at the top
Or what you could have saw but sad to say it's over for.
Phantom pulled up valet open doors
Wiz like go away, got what you was looking for
Now it's me who they want, so you can go and take
That little piece of shit with you.

So that's why I don't like most radio songs, but in this case the verses themselves aren't bad (bad in a very broad sense and for lack of a better word XD) In all of these "new, hip" songs the singer sings about cars and boyfriends and cheating and complaining and money. It's quite annoying. The songs I listen to don't have that.

*Rant over maybe*

(Rant over read this:) Which sort of brings us back to the Japanese songs. The kinds of songs like the one I just shared with you have good music and meaningful lyrics. And that is what music is really about. So there you go, that's my unneeded opinion on music (if you read it).
Now go tell me more about the music you listen to.

Well, that was very lengthy.

tl;dr show us your favorite songs in other languages!

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