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Rocketeer [MMV]

Description: Song: Rocketeer
Artist(s): Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder

Front Pose - Fallenxasian (used on the sprites of funnygal14 and keokitti)

Dedicated to my love Rylie :) She's going through a LOT right now...Including being in the hospital for 2 weeks. Get well soon love. Life is unfair, but we still gotta reach for the stars :D

Storyline: (not really what happened irl) Rylie is in the hospital, me and Jacob are sad because of that. Jacob decides to build her a rocket. When he finally finishes, he texts her that he is going to visit her. At the same time, she needs surgery, and texts him that she's coming to see him. They both meet each other at the street, and he gives her the rocket. The rocket had one loose bolt, and it goes haywire. He saves her life from a car. She goes through surgery questioning whether Jacob is alive or not. Watch the video to see.

Rocketeer [MMV]
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