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[Official Trailer] MapleStory Demon Slayer Male [HD] (English Subtitles)

Description: Video Translation:

I endured every kind of criticism and blame.
I believed I could protect the ones I loved and ones that were precious to me
However, however.
I have lost everything now.
Just, just why did you do that?
I was just a tool used to play around in your false imagination.
From now on, I will ruin everything!
Is this the end?...
Do I have to disappear without accomplishing my revenge?
If, if I just was given one more chance...

Surprisingly this time Nexon made 2 version of Demon Slayer Trailer, one is the Male Version and the other one is the Female Version. This is the Male Version of Demon Slayer. Don't worry there is no difference between the male and female version it's just the Male Version the Demon Slayer hair is shorter and male voice, for the Female Version the Demon Sayer hair is longer and female voice. Enjoy and remember to watch in FULL SCREEN + HD!

Korea MapleStory brings you MAPLESTORY LEGEND! 3 new classes Cannon Shooter, Mercedes and Demon Slayer!

Korea MapleStory Legend Arrival!
Cannon Shooter ( Adventurer): 7th July 2011
Mercedes (Hero): 21st July 2011
Demon Slayer (Resistance): 4th August 2011

Cannon Shooter a cannon user accompanied by a monkey that will aid with the attacks and buffs has the ability to swim.

Mercedes a dual bow user very elaborate skills and great mobility Mercedes is a class of its own, therefore it will have its own town similar to Aran gender of character can be chosen.

Demon Slayer a job that used to be a general within the Black Mage's army but has moved over to the resistance Demon Slayer instead of using MP, Demon Slayers will feature Demon Force and that is its Energy and Demon Slayer have its own specialties to grow wings, the wings grow as character level.

Cannon Shooter Skill Preview:
Mercedes Skill Preview:
Demon Slayer Skill Preview:

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[Official Trailer] MapleStory Demon Slayer Male [HD] (English Subtitles)
Play [Official Trailer] MapleStory Demon Slayer Male [HD] (English Subtitles)