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[MMV] Follow Me Down

Description: Hey guys!
It's been awhile. :]

I would've uploaded it sooner, but hey. :D
I hope you guys enjoy.

Because you guys keep wondering,
this is based off Alice in Wonderland.
[Not like EXACTLY the storyline but I used it as a reference]
And I got the song off the sound track of Almost Alice.

Just so you know,
keep a look out for more.
I'm not the only one in this gig. ;]

Song: Follow Me Down
Artist: 3Oh!3

Programs Used:
+Sony Vegas 7.0
+Ms Paint
+Particle illusion 3.0

Websites Used:

The Main Cast of My MMV:
Alice- Jasmine [MinaRane]
White Rabbit- Trent [TotallyTrentTV]
Mad Hatter- Eric [erbleyo]
Cheshire Cat- Keenan [No Youtube Account]

The Extra Ppl: [:D]
Mary [KiuchiKiss]
Amber [LOLitsAmberr]
Kyle [Imploading]
Amanda [Coolness57]
and Mr. Tock! [Maplestory Monster!]

Ty Barry [Scurvyyyy] for the shaking camera effect. :]
I like abuse it now lmao.

Are you a big Alice in Wonderland fan?!
So I have this friend, who is making a series.
Look forward to her videos. :]


White Rabbit: 31
Mad Hatter: 92
Cheshire Cat: 34
Do I even have to say?

Honors for this video:
#31 - Top Favorited (This Week)) - Entertainment
#79 - Top Favorited (This Month)) - Entertainment
[I had 4 more, I never thought of copying/saving it lol]

The music is for the entertainment purposes.
The pictures are from the copyright of Nexon.
All copyright goes to their rightful owner.

[MMV] Follow Me Down
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