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KMS - MapleStory Legend: Mercedes Trailer

Description: Full credits to Nexon Korea for this video!

This is Mercedes' official trailer which Nexon Korea has released for their upcoming new legend job which is going to be released on KMS on July 21st.

Useless to say, it's just incredibly awesome. It indeed makes people look forward to a MapleStory anime (other than the existing bad one). Who knows if it'll ever come?

Anyways, this is very interesting as it shows the Black Mage's residence. Could it really be.. the Temple of Time? Or somewhere around that? Oblivion Monks are shown, then a door and.. the mighty Black Mage shows up. So it makes me think they're planning to make it show up around there. Afterall, the Pink Bean after dying enters a portal which might lead to a different dimension.. or it might be just a portal to another place of the Temple, where the Black Mage also is?

Many mysteries are to be unveiled, and who knows if they'll ever be. I really hope so.

It's suggested to watch in high quality!


KMS - MapleStory Legend: Mercedes Trailer
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