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Curry of Evil

Description: . Sorry about the change of pitch. It's a bit higher than the original. But at least i'm able to upload it back on youtube.

It's been such a long time since I've ever made a complete MMV. I'm really glad that I was able to finish this. It turned out as I wanted it to be. I've changed all the lyrics to fit my storyline. This is more of a short story than a actual MMV.

CurryMedic recruits people to join him in taking over the world. He gets rid of all the strongest players in MapleStory and dominates the world. Grendal also recruited Chosen Ones to overcome CurryMedic's evil ages. The MMV ends with a bang 8D!
Hope you'll all enjoy this.

Characters that have appeared in this MMV:
Tiger, Curryishott, FangBlade, LoOpEdd and Silverbg2.


TurtleBear (Richard)

Quinteh The Noob

Daneradi (Dara)

MapleMissile (Misairu)

ChikenNuggetSoup (Josh)

Dray86, DeityZiex, GreenCream, Spritefan2, and cutekittenkyti.

x3FunnyFaceexD, TransparentSky, ixBlueShot, iLoveSugarx3, crazychilidog, iSomeday (Consists of 3 people), SDOHI, lilajj7

Thanks to: People who provided me with their bs codes and giving me critics along the progress of my mmv.

Maps: Credits to Videoboy45 for Full rendered maps.
Credits to Bsbackgrounds for one of the jail and ellinia map.

Be sure to check out their channels!

For more information, check out my channel description!

Curry of Evil
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