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AionJC: Maple 101 - Episode 4 - Archer Hyper Skills



Welcome to Maple 101. This is where My friend Kevin and I Discuss various things about the Maple Story World. We'll talk about Updates, Opinions, Gameplay, and anything else that we feel like.

In today's episode we talk about the Hyper Skills that the Archer classes will be getting on the 17th.

Here's a Link to where you can find this Information.

More information...

Info About Split Damage and why more crits doesn't help you. This was taken from a post on Basil Market.

bowmushro0m: ._. this is age old, and has been a problem since mercedes was introduced. split hurricane is..a gray area. for most of the players, it's useless.
but for a few of us, it's the only thing worth getting in hyperskills. you have to keep in mind how irritating it can be to be dojoing as fast as possible, and still only amount to rank 3-7 strictly because it's not possible to keep up with the extra dps that an over-funded mercedes can.

but critical chance is the same no matter what- to simplify it, let's say you have a 50% critical rate, with 1.5x critical damage. 1x cane is 240% (just for this example) 2x is 120%, your constant damage is 100k with regular shots. so let's use..a base of 10 shots. again, this is all just to keep things simple and easy to follow.
with 1x hurricane and 10 shots, you would get 5 criticals, and 5 noncriticals so 5 shots would add up to 240k each, and 5 would add up to 360k. adding those together you get a total of 3,000,000 total damage in 10 shots.

so let's take the double hurricane, (20 shots) 10 of them would be 120k (1.2mil) and 10 would be 180k (120k x1.5) (1.8mil) which adds up to 3mil ._. sorry if that's annoying to follow but you get the gist.

critical chance does increase, but critical damage would decrease because it's proportional with the damage of the arrow
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AionJC: Maple 101 - Episode 4 - Archer Hyper Skills
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