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I had a dream about MS.

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:09 pm
by Maple34
Last night I dreamt that there was a class called Gage in MapleStory (LOL MapleStory isn't in dictionary). It was pretty cool. So I was playing as him, and it was sort of not MS because part of it was 3-D, and that (and spikes) was his specialty. He doesn't really have a storyline, but maybe he can be a Black Mage supporter or a new Thief class (And I hate how all of the new classes are based on old ones). He could press the down arrow or something and tun into a spiky thingy for a few seconds and hurt enemies who touched him. As I said earlier, he specialized in spikes and such, so he's pretty cool and has some cool dark spells (probably chains shooting out (yes I stole that from Black Mage) or knives coming out or a spell like Abyssal Drop from Luminous but with enchanted spikes). He's male with a "windy" hairstyle, you know kind of like old bieber but more out of his eyes.
Just wanted to share with you guys, thought it was pretty cool.