Lol Noobs on Maplestory

Talk about things directly to Maplestory such as training and jobs.
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Lol Noobs on Maplestory

Post by skygar9 » Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:03 pm

So I'm at crimsonwood looking for some leech, and everyone's gone, so I go into twisted forests and see a Striker.
Earlier this striker talked about KSing so I can't rely on what he says.

Striker : bf?
Me : No. If I saw one, I'd tell you.
Striker : if u find 1 its all urs
Me : Why would I want a bigfoot? I'm level 60.
Striker : i hope ur no lieing cuz i have a hacker
Me : If I was lieing, you'd know.
Striker : k im gonna get a hacker 2 stalk u

And he left.

That was very stupid. After that, I realized Nexon is againsts leeching, so I went to Singapore to train legitly.
30 minutes and I see no hacker.

And even if his 'hacker' was real, it'd be usless for the hacker to stalk me because I'd be in Singapore. I'm not going to Crimsonwood anytime soon.

I lol at peopel say they're gonna get a hacker.

Also, I really don't care if I get KS'ed by some hacker. I'd report him. Also, if I attack the monsters, and the hacker kills, I still get exp.

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Re: Lol Noobs on Maplestory

Post by xXDratosXx » Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:58 pm

I lol at those kind of people too..... My friend called a "Hacker" to come and kill me with Crog summoning bags.... 45min later.... No crogs at all... Even if it did happen.. I had over 6500 HP and had 274 power Elixers.... :P

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