help choosing classes?

Talk about things directly to Maplestory such as training and jobs.
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help choosing classes?

Post by always4me2 » Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:34 am

I dont know... ive played maplestory throughout most of its beta testing, and ever since then. a break here and there and ive played every class and gotten it to lvl 30 except archer (both xbow and bow), page, evan, and brawler. if someone could help me decide what class to make or play. currently i got a reg dex herm, dexless sin, dit, fighter, cleric, f/p mage, and a to-be brawler. if someone could make like a quiz or something and everyone provide feedback based on answers, that'd be awesome. I like ms but i just can seem to find the right class to play. ive played ps's and they dont really influence my decisions. i have like 143mil to fund and i play in mardia (prices may vary) lol. ive taken online quizes (cause i was bored at the time) and one day i got 5 on theif (dit specifically) and 1 for warrior maybe that might help =P

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Re: help choosing classes?

Post by power0 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:00 am

Its really deciding whether u wanna pwn in the beginning, or you wanna pwn in the end. Different classes have different times to be the best. Thieves pwn in the beginning... if im not mistaken and others are good at thier other times.

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