GMS = Bad Updates...?

Talk about things directly to Maplestory such as training and jobs.
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GMS = Bad Updates...?

Post by skygar9 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:32 am

Well, most of you play GMS... Some of you play MSEA or somthing else. Maybe EMS...
But we've all complained about the stupid things that nexon does to us.
Like updating a patch 5+ months after it was released in KMS.

GMS is looking a lot like KMS with its slow progression, I mean, we have Knights of Cygnus, Aran, Evan and we'll probably get Dual Blade in not too long. Even small morsels of KMS is added in GMS, like the Zakum chair, Pink Dragon pet and even some new cash items.

But GMS is slowly updating, but still, we're getting better.

But the purpose of this topic is too look at Vietnam MapleStory, or VMS for short.

On Wikipedia, I've looked at the recent additions to MapleStory. Well, EMS added Aran. And MapleSEA added Evan...
GMS added Dragon Rider PQ...

And I was shocked at what I saw on the VMS update.

"VMS has added Minar Forest and 4th Job."

... ???
I couldn't really beleive VMS added 4th job right now... But it was true.

I researched more and saw that VMS did not have Rien, or Ereb.
So I looked at the classes that VMS had and my mind went BLAM.

VMS dosen't have Evan. VMS dosen't have Aran. VMS dosen't even have Knights of Cygnus.
But what blew my mind was that, VMS does NOT have Pirates.

It's probably the only server that DOSEN'T have pirates. It seems impossible to know that not all servers have pirates yet, when Pirates were released in KMS about three years ago. By now, VMS should have Knights of Cygnus, if not, Aran.

VMS also does not have Cave of Life where Horntail is. So no Horntail in VMS.

So, next time Nexon makes us wait a whole day for a patch, don't complain...
Vietnam dosen't have ANYTHING compared to us. On the day when Dual Blades come out, we'll have to wait like 2 days so the patch can get done, litterally, but Vietnam MapleStory players, they don't even have pirates yet. Just think how they feel, being the last MapleStory server with the updates. We are truly lucky.

We don't consider our updates 'Fast' because we're used to having so many updates that we are impatient. Vietnam players, though don't get many updates and patches so they must be more patient than GMS.

So, just remember that you're lucky to be playing Global MapleStory rather than Vietnam MapleStory.

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Re: GMS = Bad Updates...?

Post by power0 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:23 am

I wanna play Vietnam MS now cuz I liked the original- no pirates, no aran, just plain, old ms.... with a max lvl of 100

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