How to make a cool singature

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How to make a cool singature

Post by carousiex » Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:21 pm

Firstly , if you are using a keyboard , find the picture u want , then type "prt scr" on your keyboard. Then open paint (all computer should have it)
and click edit on the top , then press paste. or find the image u want and then open it, press open , and click paint.

Secondly , right click on your mouse and press crop and then make a rectangular shape size with the picture in it (most simple) and the open the toolbar and press the Big A and press the most botttom number.

Thirdly , Press on the place whee you want the name on it and enter the size , style , colour and then enter the text .

Lastly , Press file and click save as and type in the name of the singature and then upload it on photobucket .Upload the code in mapleanime and Walah !!! A cool singature !!!

Hopefully , this will help you .

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