English Maple Tower Help Guide

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English Maple Tower Help Guide

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Basic Controls (F3)

Z = Accept.
X = Decline/Go back.
Arrow Keys = Use them to traverse through the menus, and also to climb the tower.

From the beginnning

You'll see the main menu with two choices, just choose the top one, because the bottom is for loading previously saved games.

You're screen will look like this pretty much like this:

Now, the number above the percentage is what floor you are on, the percentage is how much of the floor is explored (you can still climb even if it is full). The box sticking up above the rest on the left is your Money and Time you have played. Below that are the commands. Climb and Items are the only ones you have access to from the start. More on the other two later, but first, you can use Items you find on your characters. When your cursor is next to the Climb command, hold the right arrow key to climb through the tower and fill up the progress bar.

You will sometimes come across a treasure chest. The top option opens it, the bottom leaves it.


Your first battle will look mostly like that. The only important difference is that the top bar (The green one) will be empty. It can be filled by either taking hits or dealing them. When it is full, it will turn orange (like my Warrior's) and you can then use that character's special attack (the ???? command) ~ Now onto each character's special... The Warrior's attacks a single monster a single time. The Thief's attacks a single monster five times. The Gunner's attacks all the monsters multiple times (It happens too fast to count). And finally, the Mage's attacks all monsters a single time for what will be the best damage unless you screw up the stats.

The top option is normal attack. Choose it, choose which monster to hit... Pretty easy. Next is Spell. Choose it, choose which spell, and choose which monster. (You can buy more spells in the shop, more on that later) Then the last option is Items, same as inside the tower.

Moving through the floors

Now back to inside the tower. To climb to the next floor, fill up the progress bar until you get a screen that unlocks the second choice (directly below the climb) and if you choose it, it will reset the progress bar, but you will be on the next floor. Every X4 or X9 floor when you unlock the next floor a mini boss or a boss will attack you when you choose the second option. Mini bosses will usually consist of multiple strong monsters that you can find in a normal battle on that floor(X4-X5). Bosses are just that, bosses. (see boss list at end)(X9-X0)

Every fifth floor (5,10,15,etc.) you will at some point get a screen
First option is to go back to tower. Use the right arrow to choose floor
Second option is Char Stats
Third option is Shop
The last option is to save.


1st Option. This returns you to the tower. Choose it, then hold the up or down arrow keys to choose which floor to return to (1,5,10,15,etc.) You must have gone to the floor before to return to it.

2nd Option. Characters. Inside here, the first option is for adding AP (You get one per level up) The second option is for equipments (Weapon, Armor, then two Accesories) The third and final option is for spells (more on this later)

3rd Option. The shops themselves. Inside here, the first option is for buying items. The second is for buying weapons. Every ten floors, a new weapon set will be unlocked (a set consists of 4 weapons, one for each character) The top four weapons are the ones you start out with, and they go in this order: Warrior, Thief, Gunner, and Mage. An easier way to tell which is which is they get weaker as you go through (Warrior is strongest, Mage is weakest) The third option is for Armor. Like weapons, a new set is unlocked every ten levels. Unlike weapons, armor sets consist of only 2 pieces of armor. One is stronger, but has no stat boost, the other is weaker, but has a stat boost. Each character can equip any armor.

4th Option. Accesories. All accesories are unlocked from the start. The ones that cost 5000 up the specified stat by 20, and the first two 8000 ones boost HP and MP.

5th Option. Spells. All spells are unlocked from the start. Each spell can be brought up to level 3, but it takes 6 spell books (One to get it, Two for level two, Three for level 3) It also takes SP (you get it by battling) To see how much SP you have, look in the character->spells section and look in the bottom right corner. To see how much SP a spell needs, look under the NEXT column. (One more thing, even if a spell is maxed, it'll say lvl 1 in battle)

Spell List (exellent)

Physical Attacks

Quick Strike - It's what the Thief starts with
Power Strike - It's what the Warrior starts with
Double Strike - It's what the Gunner starts with
Quad Strike - It attacks up to 4 Monsters, if there are more than four, then it targets four random monsters.

Magical Attacks

Energy Bolt - It's what the Mage starts with
Fire - A fire spell
Blizzard - An ice spell
Thunder - It's a thunder spell
Meteor - It attacks up to 4 Monsters, if there are more than four, then it targets four random monsters.

Recovery Spells

Cure - Heals one person
Esuna - 50% chance to remove a negative condition from a character
Ressurection - 50% chance to revive a fallen character with 30% HP
(note: Leveling up Esuna and Res increases the chance of it succeeding)

Buff Spells
Berserk - Ups STR
Protect - Ups DEF
Meditation - Ups INT
Shell - Ups MDEF
Haste - Ups SPD

DeBuff Spells

Poison - Does rapid damage
Sleep - Causes foe to fall asleep
Confusion - Causes foe to become confused
Darkness - Causes great decrease in hit rate
Silence - Keeps a foe from casting a spell
Paralyze - Stops foe from moving


[b]Boss List[/b]

10 ~ King Slime
20 ~ Mush Mom
30 ~ Rombot
40 ~ Alishar
50 ~ Jr. Balrog
60 ~ Crimson Balrog
70 ~ Thanatos
80 ~ Gatekeeper
90 ~ Papulatus
100 ~ Gunboss


Hoped this helped (MS3)

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