Guide for sin training

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Guide for sin training

Post by 10tofer10 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:21 pm

hey This is a lil amount of skills too but still The training spots are Pig beach for grinding until 23 i guess because you do story quests until demon hat so thats a while now that ur lvl 23 you train at caution falling down but you gotta at least 2 hit KO octopi jump attck at the yellow barricade until il say 25 at that time go to like kerning PQ or ant tunnel 1 or 2 now dat ur lvl30 do ur job advance now the lil bit o skills MAX CRITICAL THROW BY THE END so land o wild boar until 40 Monster carnival to 50 or stop at 45 and go to practice field advanced oh throw at least steelies by now so stay until 50 Try MP3 until 70 ONLY SNIPE OR ELSE u will punch to death 70 to 90 il say deep sea gorge 2 the area of red and blue kentaraus till lvl 120 And thats it i only have till that lvl ok SO DONT BLAME ME (redface) (hothead) (F5)

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Re: Guide for sin training

Post by Drycile » Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:54 am

Because of all the updates
Its better to train at pigs to 17 get hat then grind at Rotten Zombies to lvl 30
its pretty fast
CPQ to 45-50
then after CPQ Scarecrows untill 55
Cryst next to 60
pqs to 70
and Twisted Jesters to 80
MP3 to 90+ now because there stronger

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