Merely Desired Ch.4

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Merely Desired Ch.4

Post by stng75 » Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:07 am

The time was 10:20, and Ellie paced her room. It would take around 6 minutes to reach the park, and she was ready. However, she could still see lights on from through the cracks from the bottom of the door.

"Geez mom, go to bed already," Ellie whispered to herself, "I can't sneak out if your awake."

Ellie began to pace faster. She was about to sneak out of her house. She had never done such a thing before! She began to pace even faster. Ellie reassured herself that this was not her fault. That boy, that boy that she had met in the morning, sent his little sister to steal her necklace. She was furious! How dare he steal something so precious to her?! Not only that, but he sent his own little sister to commit a crime! He was making her a theif! She thought about calling the police to arrest that boy, and help get that little girl away from him.

'Just what is he doing?!' Ellie was thought to herself fast. 'To make a little girl turn to a life of crime! Who does that anyway! He's scum! Scum! And it was important to me! I mean, I only got that necklace today! I barely even got the chance to...'

Ellie stopped pacing. How did they know about the necklace?

'It was the only thing in my pockets at the time...' Ellie began to think to herself again. 'Yeah, that has to be it... But doesn't the note say...?' She searched through her pockets and produced the note she recieved earlier from the little girl. She stared at it intently. She read it in her head over and over again, and finally fixated on two words. 'Precious necklace.'

The beams of light from the crack under suddenly darkened, and she looked at her clock. It was 10:27. Funny, it didn't feel like seven minutes to her. To her, it felt like a lifetime. She looked around her room and saved a mental image of it. She then opened up her window, and began to climb out.
Ellie fought away her tiredness. It was almost the meet up time with that boy. She sat on the bench in the park, only thinking to herself what to say to Brad if she couldnt get it back. If that boy didn't show up, she would have to have an excuse to give. As she thought, she looked up at the stars, and frowned. Suddenly a low whistle came from across the park. She looked in the direction of the whistle immediately.

"Ahooooooy there!" came a shout. It was his voice, it was that boy's. "I seeeeeeeeee you!"

'Thats ridiculous,' Ellie thought, 'He's from across the trees, they block the path.' She began to look around. 'What if he can see me?'

"Your here early!" came the voice again, but in a different direction this time. "It's only 10:54!"

'What? But thats impossible!' Ellie grew frantic. 'How did he get all the way over there! There isn't enough time to do that!"

"Are you really worried about this silly little necklace? Whats so important about it?" He was getting closer. Closer, but from a different direction.

Ellie was now in a full panic. 'How?! How is he doing that?!'

"You don't look so good." The voice came from directly behind her. "You should sit down."

Ellie's eyes widened. She turned around slowly, and there he was. He still had his hood on, and his hair still covered his face. Ellie wanted to scream.

"How did you get there?!" She announced as loud as she could, which only came out as a slightly louder voice than she would normally talk with. She was scared, she feared that if she was to loud, he would hurt her. She wished Brad was there, he would know what to do. He would protect her, he was her boyfriend, and he would protect her, but he wasnt there, and she grew more terrified by that fact.

The boy looked in her direction, she couldn't tell what face he was making. His voice came out playfully. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you. You followed your instructions perfectly."

"Then you'll give me back my necklace?" She was on guard, she couldn't trust him.

"I will, after..." the boy paused. Ellie didnt like that pause, she couldn't feel the reason behind it. After a brief moment, a sound came from his mouth. "Oh, sorry, I had to yawn." Ellie was taken aback. "I'll give back your little necklace when you answer a few question."

"Questions?" She wondered what would he ask.

"Yup, a pop quiz." The boy said in the playful tone from earlier. Then he pointed directly at Ellie. "Now, what is your prefered weapon?"

"My prefered... weapon?" Ellie repeated. That was a strange question.Why did it matter to him? She began to stutter. "I u-usually use a s-sword..."

"Hmmmm..." The boy began to think to himself. He finally spoke again. "Question number two! Do you have any recollection of your father?"

This stopped Ellie. It was common knowledge for all of her friends that Ellie did not have a father, but this boy was a total stranger. How did he know about that? Ellie decided not to question it. "No, I dont have any memory of my dad..."

"What about your sister? Heck, if you dont remember him, are you to half-sisters?" the boy prodded.

How did he know about Katie? "She doesnt remember either. And mom told us that we both have the same dad!" Ellie began to grow angry. Just how much did this boy know about her personal life?

The boy began to immerse himself in his thoughts "Do you know what your mother does for a living?" He asked. "What's her job?"

Ellie could barely handle it. These questions were beyond weird. "She's a manager for a pharmaceutical company!" She was about to shout. She wanted to tell him to go away.

"Oh really? Well then, what's-" A phone rang from the boys pocket. He pulled it out and looked at the screen and whispered to himself almost inaudibly. Ellie could only make out the last word, which he never fiinished saying, before he fell into a silence. "Ja-..."

'Jay? One of his friends?' Ellie thought to herself.

The boy looked up slowly and finally spoke, in a slow and soft voice. "What's my name? I told you it, so what is it?"

Ellie began to think. It sounded as if this were his final question. She felt, for a moment, like she was
on a game show, about to win the prize. The prize being her necklace. "Your name is..." Ellie began to think.
'I can't remember!' She thought to herself. Now how was she to get her necklace back?
"It's... uh... Aaron?" She looked straight at the boy.

He shook his head. He reached into his pocket and held something shiny. It was Ellie's necklace, still looking brand new. He held it by the chain and twisted it, the tiny gold heart spinning and glistening beautifully. "What about my... sister?"

'Why was there a pause?' Ellie felt confused. 'Was that girl earlier not really his sister?'
"Her name was... Alice." She definitely remembered this one, she remembered asking for it. She didnt ask for his.

The boy grabbed the gold heart and flung it to Ellie. Ellie couldn't catch it, and it flew past her. "You need to be more careful with these things," His voice was still soft, "They look so tempting to steal."

Ellie rushed to the necklace and held it to her chest. It was safe, and now she felt relieved. She turned around and said as calmly as she could, "Why did you take it?"

"No reason." The boy began to walk away. "However, just because you have that little thing back doesn't mean we're done with you, understand?"

Ellie couldn't answer, he was gone before she could. She stood there.

"They're not done with me? What does that mean?" she whispered. Ellie couldn't think about it. She was to tired to think anymore. She began her walk home.
August dialed his phone. When he finished, he held the phone to his his ear and waited. The tone went on, and he still waited. Finally, the tone stopped.

"Hello? August? Is that you?" It was a female voice.

"Yeah, it's me." August replied. "You called me earlier. When will you arrive?"

"What makes you think its me that's been dispatched?" The female said, and then silence. She began to laugh after the awkward silence. "No, no, it is me that's being sent. I should be there tomorrow." And with that she hung up.

August stared at the phone and smiled.

"I haven't seen you in a while." He chuckled. "You still act the same. I wonder, do you still consider me to be your best friend?"
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Caelin: Jonlin
Female Voice: guess
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Re: Merely Desired Ch.4

Post by jaccaj » Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:28 pm

even though i havent raed 1-3 and had some grammar issues i like it

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