Ranger of Chaos Origins: Brandon

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Ranger of Chaos Origins: Brandon

Post by synn90210 » Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:55 am

"A man chooses, Brandon. A slave obeys. What are you going to do with your life?" Brandon sat for another one out of many days in the principal's office at Henesys High. Another day, another lecture it seemed.

"Don't act like you know me. You know nothing. Every day I come down here for some other stupid thing that you want to lecture me about, and where has that gotten us? Nowhere. I'm not going to listen to you. I never have and I never will. So what is the point of all of this?"

"You lit a student on fire. That, to me, really doesn't seem like a stupid thing. I just care about the welfare of all our students. I'm determined to make something out of you Brandon. I'll make you a functioning member of society someday. Seeing as the day is almost over, I suppose you can leave now. Just remember Brandon, a man chooses."

Brandon grabbed his things from the floor and stormed out of the room. That kid deserved lit on fire, he thought. Just outside were Synn and Claudia. Always waiting for him it seemed. Why couldn't they just go live their own lives? Why did they care about him?

"So what did he want this time? Did he give you the whole 'A man chooses' thing again?" They always wanted to know what was going on with him. It confused Brandon. Why did they care about what he thought?

"It was for lighting Nick on fire, and yeah he did. He seems like he's trying to be my dad, and I hate it. Nobody can take the place that my dad had." Brandon's dad had died a few weeks before in a catastrophic factory meltdown. Since then, Synn's parents had almost become his parents. Synn and Claudia were the only ones who had cared enough to stick with him during the aftermath of his dad's death. Brandon had become lost in thought again when he saw a large group of other students coming towards them.

"There he is! That monster who almost killed Nick! Lets get him!" A monster. He was always being called that. What else was new?

The group of students all charged at them with various improvised weapons in hand. From clubs to random pipes, they were all equally deadly. The first one reached Synn and swung out with his bat. That was his last mistake. Synn grabbed the bat, kneed him in the stomach, and then disarmed him. Brandon jumped into the fray as well, throwing punches at anyone who came his way. Claudia stood back and watched...until one of the weapons got swung her way. She disarmed the kid and then almost caved his skull in with his own weapon. Within a few minutes, only 3 were left standing.
The Next Day

"You three hospitalized at least 16 students! How do you explain what you did?!"

"Well sir, they attacked us. All we did was defend ourselves. If anyone is at fault here, it's them." Claudia always handled the talking whenever trouble arose. With her womanly charms and beauty, she could easily win over any man.

"Well I hope the judge buys that defense at your hearing! If I have anything to say about this, you kids are going to be tried as adults and sent to prison!" Prison? That could be interesting. It would prove to be a new adventure, Brandon thought. He slept uneasily until the next day. Memories of his father plagued his dreams. It was too hard to believe that he was actually gone.

"Come on dude, its time." Synn always had to have the last word didn't he? They walked through the double doors into the court room and the hearing was on. The judge went on and on about how they were "menaces to society". Monster. Menace. It didn't make a difference. They were always calling him something else. What did it matter? None of them cared about him. To them, he was just another charity case. There was only three people who had ever made a difference in his life. Now the most influential one was gone, and he had dragged the other two into this horrible situation with him. Brandon sat silently in thought throughout the better half of the procedure, when suddenly...

"The prosecution calls the main offender, Brandon White, to the stand." Reluctantly, Brandon got up and went to the stand. He took his oath and sat down apathetically. He wasn't in any mood for this.

"Now son, I'm just gonna ask you a couple questions about what happened at the school."

"Only one person has ever been allowed to call me son. That person died three weeks ago. I suggest you change your pet name for me if you want me to answer to anything you say."

"Fine then you little delinquent. Now, why did you attack those students in the way that you did? Was it their clothes? Their way of speaking? Was it the fact that some of them were from Orbis or Singapore? Tell me, or suffer the consequences."

Brandon sat for a minute and contemplated how to answer. Why should he even bother answering? They wouldn't listen to him anyway. No, his father had taught him better than this. He needed to make a stand for himself and for his friends.

"You really are stupider than you look, Mr. Prosecutor. You honestly think I would attack someone for being different? I'm the epitome of social outcast. Sure, not many people understand me. Sure, most see me as a monster, but I know there is at least two people that understand me. I retaliated, not because I was having a shitty day, no because they attacked us. Most of them had weapons. We did what we had to do to not get beaten to death. If that offends you so much, then go ahead and send us to prison. We'll get out. We're not your average high school kids. I can guarantee that I'm smarter than half of the people in this room. I just don't show it because quite frankly, I don't think you all could handle it. My ideas and my way of thinking could shake society to its damn core. I could revolutionize this world if only given the power to. Yet you all call me a monster, a menace to society, a delinquent. I'll show all of you someday. I promise that the next time you hear my name, it'll be because I'm handing you life or death."

The court room stood in a deep silence. The entire audience and jury was in a state of pure shock. Nobody knew what to do with the information that was just put in their lap. Knowing that he had won, Brandon stepped down from the stand.

"So you're so confident about your abilities? Well then I'll handle this decision. 5 years in maximum security prison. We'll see how tough you kids are after this. May the Goddess have mercy on your souls."

To be continued?

Ohai Mark. I decided to dust this one off and try and put some creative juice into it. What do you guys think? Good enough to warrant a sequel? Do you want to see them break outta prison, or do you want me to do other things? Tell me in the comments.

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