princess and the pegasus part 2

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princess and the pegasus part 2

Post by CoolKid » Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:40 am

Comet stood up and looked out at the sun before her. Her sparkling brown eyes looked sadder than ever and her flowing hair followed along with the light breeze. The rays of sun covered her and she slammed the windows shut at the sight of her village awakening,

comet sighed, " i wish i didn't ride on that pegasus " and hopped back into bed.
She felt a bit sick and was sad that the pegasus left. But nothing would stop her from trying to find her.
Comet dozed off for about 2 hours before her friends burst through the door screaming.

"Wake up sleepy head!!" they said in unison. They pulled the curtains aside letting in streams of fresh air and sunshine.

" I don't want to! " said Comet and she stuffed her head deep into the blanket. Mina took the blanket and tossed it over the bed and helped Brit drag her into the kitchen.
" Don't you remember?" said Brit " Its baking day! You haven't forgotten have you? "
" no" said Comet " i just want to sleep " but Mina and Brit weren't going down without a fight. They took her outside and pushed her into the backyard of her palace. They walked slowly making sure not to make any noise. Then they threw her into
her swimming pool.
" NAAAAAA!" Comet screamed at the top of her lungs. But after she ducked under the water she found it to be really peaceful, so she grabbed her swimming goggles and decided to take a little dive. " This is nice... i wish the pegasus was here though" she thought. Then suddenly she saw a bright light and after it died down the pegasus was in a bubble under the water.

" Dear god! " she said in the back of her mind and went to go see starlight. The bubble provided air and Comet didn't need her goggles anymore so she took them off and hugged starlight.

" I'm so happy to see you again! " she said

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