Tree Of Life Chapter 6

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Tree Of Life Chapter 6

Post by Wizit6134 » Sun May 15, 2011 11:43 pm

- Ok so im trying to do this whole fan fic thing (gatorade-2) I tried to improve at the problems that i made in the last chapters (like the chapters being to short and no description) and put more action into in and not be so cliche. So Im pretty sure u guys forgot what happen in the last chapters lol but anyway here we go lol.

In El Nath, inside a small but towering hut contained five of some of the greatest adventurers in history. The five was known as the Dark Order (or known to some people, the 3rd job leaders).

Inside the small building a voice spoke, "Preposterous!" The voice was from a women in a yellow coat with golden designs and a hood. She had yellow hair and only her lips showed because of the hood.

A hand raised. The women silenced. The man who raised his hand started talking, "Yes. Chobbi Light is finally going after the role of the new Shadow Mage." The man was wearing the same kind of coat as the woman but orange and with a blunt sword on his back. He had a thick black beard and and large muscular chest.

"Well Tylus, we must do something" Said the women.

Three figures came into the conversation.

"Silence Robeira!" Scold the first figure. It was a another women. She was wearing a red coat that looked like the other member's coats. Blond hair was coming down the coat from her hood and a bow laid on the back of her torso.

The second figure to talk came in, "This may be a crucial situation, but we can't just go into battle. Especially when it haven't even started yet." The second figure wore a blue coat and had a massive scar the shape of a "X" on the side of his right cheek.

"Robeira is right. We must at least send an agent." argued the final figure. It was another man with a purple coat. He always held a gun (usually in his hand) and had a huge chin coming out of his hood.

"Pedro?" The purple coated man surprised Tylus, "What an interesting idea. However difficult," he pointed at the man in the blue coat, "How fast can you find someone to follow Chobbi, Arec?"

"Almost instantly." Answered Arec.

"I still think the idea is crazy!" Blurted the women in the red coat.

"Calm down Rene." said Pedro.

"Yes Pedro's right, calm down," said Tylus, "Arec will send an agent to follow Chobbi and we shall stop this before it goes out of hand."

The five figures didn't have anything else to say. The meeting was over.

-150 miles passed El Nath, inside the Dead Mine, in a sacred location

There stood a man. Yellow-haired (short and messy), light brown skin, and had scarlet eyes. He held 12 katanas, wore baggy pants and a black hoody with the words 私は忍者は海賊だ on the back. He stood there like he was frozen, holding up odd badge with a white cross over it and with gold wings on the side and chanting out words, " 私は、偉大な魔法使いの医師を召喚!" . Finally when he finished chanting, he moved. He sat down on a drawing on the floor that he drew. It looked just like the badge. Than the whole area started shaking. The silver beams came out from all the lines drawn on the ground.

A voice spoke, "Why have you called me?" The voice was deep and god like.

The man spoke, "Great Witchdoctor, I am known as Chobbi. I have called you to lend me your powers."

"Hmm.." Whichdoctor spoke, "So you are the infamous Chobbi Light. Well you seem like a promising man to hold my powers. I shall give you my powers and the control of the Chaos Knights. Do not fail me."

"Yes sir." Chobbi understood.

The voice faded away, as so as the beams. And as the beams went away the drawing made by Chobbi did so to. Immense power went into Chobbi as the beams went away. Chobbi than felt all powerful. Suddenly Chobbi noticed that a figure was following him. He thought it was the perfect time to test his new power. He took out a blade and instantly the agent sent by Arec died. Chobbi was than almost undefeatable.

-Hopefully this chapter was ok. I understand that i still am having too many conversations, But this time i put descriptions into the characters. And yah i hope its long enough or at least close (gatorade-2) so tell me what you think

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