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Merely Desired Ch.3

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:10 am
by stng75
Ellie's previous thought had been correct, it was just another boring day at school. Though she was a little grateful,to her it meant that everything was normal in her life.

'But still,' Ellie thought, 'I wish something in my life would happen.'

She entered the subway station and got her ticket. It had taken about five minutes for the train to arrive, and it killed her.
She looked at her phone before getting on, looked at a text sent by Brad sometime after her school day ended. Ellie wouldn't see her boyfriend until tomorrow. As she walked onto to the train, she heard two teenage girls talking.

"Hey, did you hear?"
"Huh? Hear about what?"
"Some guy got hurt near the NLC station in the morning, it looks like he was attacked by a monster!"
"What! That's horrible! But how did a monster get into town?"
"Actually," an adult cut into their coversation, "They found that it was actually done by a human. The man regained consciousness and said a young teenage boy did it to him."
"No way..."
"How awful!"

The train stopped and Ellie rushed out. She couldn't stand to hear it anymore. A boy? Do something as bad as this?
Ellie couldnt comprehend why anyone would do such a thing to another human being in the first place.

'What kind of monster would do such a thing...,' Ellie thought to herself, 'There's no way he was from NLC, maybe he was from... Huh?'

Ellie stopped. She looked down at the girl. The girl she saw in the morning that same day. The little girl looked fidgety, but looked straight into Ellie's eyes.

"Hey, your that girl..." Ellie said, "Your name was Alice right? Thats such a cute name, i think it fits you!"
"I...I...I h-ha-"
"Hey," Ellie interrupted, "Where's that boy you were with? Wasn't he your big brother? How could he leave his little sister in a place like this!?"
"No...I have-"
"I know, I'll help you find him, I have to much free time anyway." She grabbed Alice's hand, "Come on, ill get you back to him"
Alice pushed Ellie away, "No!" She then reached into her pockets and took out a gold necklace.
A tiny heart shaped necklace.
Ellie's eyes widened. "How did you get my necklace?"
The little girl took out a small slip of paper and handed it to Ellie. Ellie began to look at the paper, but Alice ran away. As Ellie began to follow suit, but the little girl was immediately lost in the big crowd.

"Stupid!" Ellie whispered to herself, "I shouldn't have left it in my pocket!"
She looked down at the note again and read it.
'If you want this precious necklace back, come to the park at 11PM. Come alone, or ill break it. And if you don't show, i'll sell this precious gift of yours in a place you'll never find it again'
'Why does this sound like a hostage situation...' Ellie began to think, 'But i cant show up without it tomorrow, Brad just bought it for me! I'll just go home for now, until its time to get it back.'
"That was cruel"
"Do you mean doing my job?"
"Hurting that innocent man like that, you're going to get into trouble"
"He was one of them, he was endangering the assignment."
"Caelin, what do you mean he was one of them? They couldn't have known we'd be here."
"Well they do. Anyway I got the report on the target's family. Look close and you'll find something weird."
"Weird...? I don't see anything... Huh?"
"So you do see it."
"Yeah, but this can't be possible!"
"Not just that, another agent is coming."
"This kind of assignment would need a maximum of at least two people! So why do we need a third!"
"They're moving in. They're probably going to capture us and try to squeeze information out of us."
"And we need a third person to make sure this doesn't happen? That can't be possible, it has to be the assignment!"
"Maybe. But there's nothing special about the new target you picked."
"That's why I'm so pissed! Who the hell are they sending!? I'm gonna call!"
"I'll call, you prepare."
"Fine...fine. If there is something special about this new target, I'll need my strength, just in case."
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Re: Merely Desired Ch.3

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:56 pm
by jadeylady96
<3<3 Yaaay. I had to re-read the other two as I forgot what happened, see, it's that late xD!
I loved it as usual :3 though I'm confused as to which Character Caelin is and what was going on in the last part :o

Re: Merely Desired Ch.3

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2011 10:33 pm
by stng75
Caelin is Jonlin
the last part is just talking about the target (Ellie)

Re: Merely Desired Ch.3

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:34 pm
by jadeylady96
stng75 wrote:Caelin is Jonlin
the last part is just talking about the target (Ellie)

noooo I know Jonlin's name is Caelin XD
I ment I have no idea who he IS in the fanfic D: the actual character named after Caelin... whoooo is he?