The war of the classes. Chapter 3

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The war of the classes. Chapter 3

Postby jviaple » Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:06 am

"Oh, so that's why she sent you, well lucky for you we are planning on going down for the cure today." Said the woman.
Zach replied," Great! Do you have any sort of scuba gear?"
"Yes, but you need some training first on how to use it before any of you go down." the woman continued,"report down to the training room if you want to start scuba diving for that cure."
Zach and his friends stormed out of the room yelling,"Thanks!" and continued down to the training room on the 2nd floor. They walked into the training room, Zach thought it was strange because the fully grown men were sitting at desks.
Zach said awkwardly,"This isn't really how I expected the room to look like."
The man in the front was wearing a hood, the same hood that the man who shot him back at the battle was wearing.
Zach noticed him in a split second and yelled,"They're mages!"
All of the men kicked the desks over and shot fire and light right out of their wands and staffs. Zach got behind the door very quickly shooting the gun that the woman had given to him. A nearby pirate notice the fight and jumped into the room and quickly got cover behind a near desk.He quickly shot ever single mage in a matter of seconds, except one. On the final mage he shot him in the leg and then the arm that was carrying the wand.
The man spoke with some of his last dying words,"I shall never betray my brothers."
Zach kicked him in the stomach and that in an instance made him talk.
"Alright!."the man yelled,"Someone in your camp is a mole."
Zach shook the man by the collars on his robe,"WHO?!"
The man than said,"The mole....his name.....his name is..."
His arms fell down Arcan checked his pulse, he was dead.
"CRAP!" Zach hit the wall
The pirate asked the crew,"Why were you guys down here anyway?"
"We were supposed to learn how to use the scuba gear." replied May.
"Oh!"said the pirate,"No problem"
After at least 10 minutes they all knew how to use the scuba gear and headed off to the captain's room.
They went in and May said,"All right, we know how to use it and I do not think it was worth the trouble."
The woman said,"All right I'll tell the navigator we are ready to go."
A few minutes after she had left they herd from the microphone above them,"All right everybody we are getting ready to go down."
The woman a few seconds later came in and said,"Here, I got you three some scuba gear while I was down."
"Great." said Arcan
After around a half an hour they finally notice they were at the bottom of the sea. Millions of fish swam around the Nautlis with all different colors.
The woman announce,"All right, you guys need to get out there."
She led them to a metal door about ten by ten feet around. The door opened, behind that door was another metal door. The gang walked in. The woman waved at them,said goodbye, and then they were off. The first door had closed and the second one had opened. They gracefully got outside of the mechanical machine and got into nature.
Zach told his friends,"Okay, how about I go left, Arcan you go right, and May goes Northward. They nodded and split up, Arcan couldn't find anything but rocks,coral, and fishes. This went along for the other two a half an hour later they went back to where they split up.
Zach asked,"You two find anything?"
May replied,"Nope, you?"
"Nope." Zach said depressingly. At that moment the ground started shaking. All of the coral and all of the rocks flew up about two feet high.
Zach yelled,"Whats going on?!"
May pointed her finger into the fast darkness in fear, wearing a shocked face she said,"Pianus."
The giant fish roared at them with his one tooth hanging from the top of his mouth. They quickly acted fast and jumped out of the way of the charging fish. It had rammed itself into the Nautlis. This made it very mad causing it to hit the Nautlis multiple times
Arcan yelled,"We have to stop it from sinking the ship!"
Zach quickly started slashing it with his sword and accidentally hit its tooth. The mighty Pianus roared. This gave Zach an idea, he ran up to its mouth and shoved his sword into a little hole that the tooth had between the gum. With all of his might, Zach shoved the tooth right out of its mouth. In agonizing pain, Pianus sucked Zach into his mouth. Everyone thought Zach was dead.
Arcan whispered,"Zach?" There was no response back.
Arcan said it again,"Zach?"
Just at that moment a silver sword came busting through the back of Pianus and Zach lifted himself out. Everyone was amazed even Zach, who thought he was going to die.
Zach whispered,"Chew your food next time." And Zach jabbed his sword into Pianus's heart that was showing through the hole in its back.
Zach yelled,"That's not else!" Zach pulled out a small little piece of plant, it was glowing red and it was like a little coral reef. Arcan knew for a second that Pianus had swallowed the cure. And now Zach had it right in his hands.

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