Merely Desired Ch.2

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Merely Desired Ch.2

Postby stng75 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:00 am

The subway had finally come to a stop, not a second to late. As soon as the doors opened she rushed out at an alarming rate. Running up the stairs and around the corner, she caught glimpse of her next vehicle, a taxi cab. She ran towards it faster than she did out of the subway. Luckily no one was going to this taxi, only Ellie ever got on this taxi in the morning. As she opened the door she looked around.

'Just what was that feeling...,' Ellie thought to herself.
"Hey!" she heard from the taxi, making her jump, "Get inside or else all of the heat'll get out Ellie!"
"Mornin' Ed, how are you doing today?" Ellie asked as she got into the taxi, "Is your wife still mad at you for breaking her favorite vase?"
The man turned around, and you could clearly see the scar on his face and his thinning hairline. "Of course she is! She's not one to forget things like this. Now do you have the money for today?"
"Of course!" Ellie exclaimed. She rummaged through her pocket, and held her head down in shame. "Scratch that Ed..., I don't have it today."

Ellie was about to open the door to leave the taxi, when the engine started. The car lurched forward and groaned like a wild beast. Ellie began to say again that she didn't have the money, but Ed just waved his hand. She took this as a sign of kindness. She rode Ed's taxi cab everyday, they had a bond, or at least that's what Ellie liked to call it. She only smiled and leaned back against her seat.
It took about 10 minutes to reach Henysys. As soon as they stopped Ellie rushed out of the taxi, came back, thanked Ed, and rushed away again while Ed laughed. Ellie looked at her phone, and saw that Ed had done her a favor, now giving her a little time to spend with her boyfriend. As she round a corner, she saw him. A tall, slender, black haired boy, wearing some shorts and a green shirt. When he saw her, he began to walk towards her, apparently in no rush for time, unlike Ellie.

"What took so long?" Brad said with a grin, "I was worried"
"I'm sorry, I overslept..." Ellie panted, "It's hard to be me y'know"
"I bet it is" Brad laughed, then looked through his pockets, and pulled out a tiny box. " I got you a present, you know, 'cuz you couldn't stop talking."
"Thank you!" Ellie grabbed the box and revealed the treasure that was inside, a tiny heart shaped necklace made of gold. "Your the best!"

Ellie jumped towards Brad and kissed him on the cheek. Ellie slowly took out the necklace and gave it to Brad, asking him to put it on. Brad obeyed her command, and when he finished, Ellie's phone rang.

"Oh no!" Ellie looked at her phone, "I'm going to be late!" Ellie ran off as fast as she could.
"Good luck!" Brad yelle at her, and she turned around to wave, nearly tripping over a stone.

After about 2 minutes Ellie finally reached her destination. As she entered her school she found her 1st period class, and say down. The bell rang only a second later and Ellie sighed with relief.

'This is just going to be another boring day of school,' she thought, 'if only Brad didn't go to the all-boy school'

And again, for a second time, Ellie felt another shiver run down her spine.


Hey guys sorry for the delay but here's chapter 2!!!! (party noises)
now feel free to flame and comment!!!!
Also sorry if this chapter is a little boring, kinda slow start
Now important business!!!!
1. Again if you want to join the story just leave a name and I'll use ur avi as how you look (or give me a description via pm)
2. A new character will soon join the story, so thank you Jonlin for joining as Caelin!!! (1 less character I have to create)

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Re: Merely Desired Ch.2

Postby chobbilight » Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:30 pm

whats this a romance ecchi story?

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Re: Merely Desired Ch.2

Postby stng75 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:09 pm

I did say slow start o.o"
Plus it wasn't exactly romantic and ecchi isn't one kiss on the cheek

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Re: Merely Desired Ch.2

Postby jadeylady96 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:49 pm

I want to be in it x3! Hehe I love these Adrian :D!

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Re: Merely Desired Ch.2

Postby jonlin » Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:26 am

It's good! if you think this is a slow start, just read the "Eye of The World" by Robert Jordan, it takes like 50 pages until the plot launches.

Also, put me in it? :D god I feel like chobbi I'm begging to be in a story

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