The Dark Rainbow : Prologue

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The Dark Rainbow : Prologue

Post by pvtsharp » Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:04 am

The Dragon Knight looked around the field, his Reverse Armor battered. In his bloody hand he held his Fair Frozen tightly. All around him were dead bodies of Dark Wings infantrymen. Looking over the horizon, he saw more of them advancing towards him. He knew he couldn't fight anymore, he was tired and hurt. But, for the sake of the Maple World, he had to do this. He took off his helmet and his long, silvery hair started to dance around with the winds.

He charged, towards the oncoming army of Dark Wings. He slashed and a Dark Wing died as his head flew off in another direction. He parried an arrow with his spear but a Dark Wing struck him in the back with a sword. He fell to the ground. He slashed around him and stood up. More Dark Wings came. He rushed towards them.

Suddenly, from nowhere, a giant missile hit the ground near him, sending him flying and killing all the Dark Wings around it. He landed on the floor. But he stood up again. Killing a few more Dark Wings, he saw knocked flying by another missile. As he tried to stand up, some Dark Wings came to attack him.

His body wasn't heeding. He could not even retaliate as they struck their blows on him. Tears came down from his blue, glowing eyes as he remembered he once dreamed of being the Warrior Champion. With his last strength, he roared. The whole field was enveloped in blue light and a dragon flew up to the sky.

A hero and a bishop arrived to the crater, which was recently a battlefield.

"This can't be..... We were too late...." said the hero as he fell to his knees. The bishop looked at him with a face full of sadness.

"It's our fault.... or Delt wouldn't have...." stammered the bishop.

"Died." the hero helped him finish his sentence.


End of prologue

I know it's crappy but i wanna write something, i'm bored.

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Re: The Dark Rainbow : Prologue

Post by playa4life01 » Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:28 pm

well go back on the chronicles of narnia?
the fanfic wich im in (exellent)

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