Lvl 50 - 85 Dual Blade Training Spot

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Lvl 50 - 85 Dual Blade Training Spot

Post by whateverforever » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:16 pm

Crimson Wood Keep (Lower Ascent) you can get there by NLC Taxi . Then the route is very tricky , so watch youtube first!

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Re: Lvl 50 - 85 Dual Blade Training Spot

Post by polortide66 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:52 am

Scarecrows in NLC from 50-60 is amazing exp and easy to get to
PQs at Lord Pirate, Sea of Fog, and Forest of Poison Haze can get you through to 70 quickly (FoPH is not advised past 64 since you'll be useful in the other 2 by then)
At 70 we can start at the famed and crowded*drumroll* JESTERS!!
jesters arent the best place to go if you're unfunded as they have 50k HP but they give whopping 1.3k experience...1.6 with holy symbol
For the unfunded dual blader...keep on with SoF and LPPQ because the experience may be lower in terms of % but you'll be doing it so much faster than you used to...a sort of CPQ effect
After 80 you can either stay/go to Jesters, go to Wolf Spiders (850 exp per kill 27000? HP), or make your way to Edelstein via Six Paths Crossway or Orbis and kill monsters in the mines for good exp as well

Currently I'm level 85 on my dual blader and i kill Racos and Security System robots. Racos are bigger Wolf Spiders that give a little less exp and are in a 2 level map.

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Re: Lvl 50 - 85 Dual Blade Training Spot

Post by semskuo » Wed Jan 19, 2011 11:54 am

msea's haunted house is for limited time only (skygar9-4) (F7) (F5)

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