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Maplestory Meso Story

Description: MesoStory is a game in which you collect mesos, avoid bombs, get hit by too many bombs and die, use the collected mesos to upgrade your stats, get even more mesos, repeat forever. MesoStory features 4 different game modes (Regular, Battle, Skill, Survival), over 159 achievements, unlimited levels, 15 different falling objects, annoying sounds, a mute button, and much more. How much mesos can you get? Can you get all of the achievements? Well, just play and you will see.
Keys/Controls: Left/Right arrow keys (or A/D keys): Move
Up arrow key (or W key): Jump
Hold SHIFT key to activate shield (immune to bombs).
Hold CTRL key to activate speed up (run at 180 speed).
Collect mesos, potions and skill (green) boxes, avoid trouble (red) boxes and bombs.
See the instructions for more info (I suggest you do)