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Maplestory Auf Haven

Description: he newest in the line of the Maplestory Simulators, Auf Haven! Click on the NPC to open the store. From there, click on Spawn boss to begin the fight! Activate magic guard to not die right away! ;) Be sure to look out for the bonus. :)
Keys/Controls: BUFFS:
A - Haste (walk faster)
S - Hyper Body (increase health and mana)
D - Power Guard (hurt mob when hit)
F - Magic Guard (reduces health damage taken. takes mana away instead)
V - Heal (Heals HP)
B - Dispel (gets rid of mob attacks like puppet and stun)

Z - Savage Blow
X - Explosion
C - Boomerang Step

SPACE - Jump
Use barbarian elixir (heal hp) - INSERT
Use sorcerer elixir (heal mp) - DELETE
Flash Jump (Double jump) - SHIFT
Pause - P